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MonaVie RVL Promotion Extended! | Acai Berry News & Updates

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Question by rauma_raumamary: Does anybody tried to take Acai Berry over the counter diet pills?
I’ve heard or read somewhere in the internet that Acai Berry diet pills can help you lost weight. I just wonder if this is true? Anyone here have taken this before? Do you think its work without side affect? Can you please share you experience. Thanks. If I work I would like to try it..I need to lose 4 pounds.

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Answer by Ali S
liposuction =p

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4 Responses to “MonaVie RVL Promotion Extended! | Acai Berry News & Updates”

  • Kristi B says:

    4 pounds is nothing to worry about, just a change in diet and 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise per week should help. I tried those pills, they are supposed to act like an appetite suppresant. However, they caused me a small amount of fatigue, nausea, and ALOT of diarrhea. Drink a couple of 8 oz. glasses of skim milk per day, walk at least 10 mins a few times a weeks, and just cut back on fried foods and high-fat items. That should drop the weight quickly. Those pills DON’T work. You may as well use an enema bi-weekly…diarrhea has alot of health risks, not a good idea. Good luck.

  • ~mR.x~chelsea needs your help! says:

    you need to lose 4 pounds? why? whats 4 pounds going to do? unless your a professional fighter and your 4 pounds over the limit for your next match

    acai berry doesn’t work. try eating nothing except raw fruits and veggies for a few days, and don’t consume any unnatural sources of sugar. that would work exponentially better.

  • Nikki says:

    Don’t waste your money. The ad blitz for acai is overwhelming.
    If it really worked, they wouldnt have to advertise so hard. Diet pills dont work. Exercise & proper eating do.

  • Barbra C says:

    Honestly I havent sampled any of the acai berry programs but I might. So far Im just sticking with pomegranite.

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