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Removing Acai Berry Myth From Fact | – Submit …

In recent times, the Acai berry provides acquired a lot of prominence on the world list of super-foods. There is certainly much hype.

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Question by qynb: What type of cleansing capsules should I purchase with Acai berry vitamins to help lose weight?
I have been seeing these Acai berry ads all over the net. Instead of getting the diet supplements online I went to my nearest vitamin market and bought the Acai berry dietary supplements instead. Apparently the diet supplements online also have a cleanser you take along with the pill. I would like to get those as well but don’t know exactly what to buy.

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Answer by Augustine W
Actually, you don’t need to “diet” in fact in order to lose weight, I learned this at the site in the box below, they have plenty of tips, I shed 8 pounds by using their methods.

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3 Responses to “Removing Acai Berry Myth From Fact | – Submit …”

  • Hannibal the Cannibal says:

    Acai berry, noni, green tea…all these things are great and should be taken for their healthful antioxidant benefits, but they DO NOT MAKE YOU LOSE WEIGHT.

    Detoxes don’t make you lose weight.
    Cleansers don’t make you lose weight.

    This has to be *the* most annoying gimmick I’ve seen in a long time from the diet industry. It’s sick and stupid and it’s preying on your insecurities.

    Your weight loss will not be found in a pill or juice. You can’t just sit on your butt, eat like crap, but then take Acai and think you’ll be losing weight. You need to exercise several times a week with cardio, weight training, and yoga. You need to eat a natural, balanced diet every day.

    You didn’t waste your money because there are great health benefits from Acai…weight loss is NOT one of them.

  • da.shad0w says:

    wavetowake, please do not copy and post my answers from other posts. This is inconsiderate. You should provide your own answers.

    Now, to answer your question, you would have been better off purchasing the free trial of Extreme Acai. I recommend NOT getting this cleansing product that you have mentioned. Cleansers are not that good for you. They are hyped up supplement industry scams that often cause gastrointestinal distress.

    If you wish to purchase and use a real acai product, check out Extreme Acai at the source link below, and get a free trial if you are interested.

  • K H says:

    I would recommend extreme berry 500 or vital acai.

    There is also a new noni/acai combo you may like

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